86 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online in 2022

86 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online in 2022
Dec 05, 2021

Many people think about business on the Internet, but they are stopped by the lack of money for the purchase of goods and doubts about the relevance of the chosen trade direction. And investing their last savings in advertising, renting a warehouse, and purchasing goods is a high risk.

When you start an online store, you have three ways to sell products:

  • set up your production, storage, and delivery
  • buy goods from other companies in bulk and resell
  • deal only with the sale, and the functions of storage and delivery to the supplier

In the latter case, the method of trade is called dropshipping.

Dropshipping - a scheme of sales, in which the seller only accepts orders from buyers and does not keep the goods at its warehouse, or do without it at all.

The seller only needs to set up their online store and attract customers to it, without worrying about logistics.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

How Does Dropshipping Work?

To start trading on the dropshipping scheme, you do not need production, warehouse, or logistics. You only attract customers and sell goods, having at your disposal only a website with an established payment system.

  1. choose the product niche in which you want to trade;
  2. find a supplier and enter into a contract with him;
  3. place the goods from the catalogs of your supplier in your online store, and set their price with its trade margin;
  4. promote your online store by all means available to your budget: advertising in social networks, contextual advertising, promotion in search engines, and others.

Cooperation between supplier companies and retail outlets proceeds as follows:

  • the buyer goes to the page of the online store, selects, and pays for the desired product;
  • the seller transfers the payment to the supplier. In the recipient column of the order, the seller provides his customer's address;
  • the dropshipper sends the assembled parcel to the recipient.

The earnings of the reseller are the difference between the wholesale price set by the supplier and the final price at which the goods were sold.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Dropshipping Products to Sell for Profit

Deciding which products to sell is difficult because there are millions of options to choose from. You have to make sure that there is a market for your products and that you can make money from selling them.

Moreover, the products you sell are a major factor in shaping other details that affect sales. For example, if you decide to sell washers, how will you transport that massive item across the country? Or, if you sell alcohol, what legal restrictions do you face when selling to different countries and regions?

  • Is there demand for the product? Before you start selling, you need to find out if anyone is buying the product. To help you find out this information, use a sales estimator.
  • What are the market trends right now? If you have an idea of what to sell, start with how well your idea is already working. Or, if you don't know what to trade, look at emerging trends that will help inspire your solution.
  • Who are your competitors? If you're not selling something unique, then there are competitors with the same or very similar products. You need to have an idea of your competitors so you can stand out from the crowd. Make a list of your competitors, categorize them, and visit their websites.
  • What is the number of products on the market and how much do they cost? This part comes down to how many goods you will offer in your online store. It's worth examining the wide range of products available to you, including whether you offer any additional accessories or options known as product variants. The cost of getting your goods will be greatly influenced by the price you charge your customers. And it will also affect the types of customers you are trying to sell to, as this will affect your final retail price.
  • Is the product readily available? If you can't get a consistent supply of the product at a reasonable price, your sales could drop dramatically. That's why you should find a supplier early in the goods research process.
  • Is your product easy to deliver? Customers expect cheap & fast delivery. This means that product size and weight will be major factors in choosing a goods to sell. If you ship larger products, you will increase your overall profit margin to offset shipping costs.
  • Will the product be profitable? After you've done your research on what to sell, how to get it, and how to ship it, you need to figure out, will the product be profitable?
  • Who are your customers? Understanding your customer base early helps you shape pricing decisions, plan marketing strategies, and create your brand story.

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What is the Most Profitable Dropshipping Business?

Most Profitable Dropshipping Business

If you want to start an e-commerce business with the best possible shot at success, you can't go wrong by entering the dropshipping niche, which has already established itself as popular.

Health & Beauty

Everyone wants to look beautiful and be healthy at any age. So despite a lot of competition, the health and beauty niche can be profitable, because people are willing to spend money on products they always need. This is where having quality goods and competitive prices can give you great success. It means that you should always stay on top of the latest trends in the beauty industry and be aware of the most popular makeup products. According to Common Thread Collective, sales in the beauty industry will be $784.6 billion in 2027.

As far as health is concerned, you have to be careful here. Knowing the actual content of each product is difficult. Unfortunately, you may face legal and other liabilities.

Sport & Fitness

There is a great demand for sports-related products. This applies not only to some paraphernalia like balls, yoga mats, dumbbells, and so on but also to sportswear. With the increasing popularity of recreational sports, more and more people are looking to have comfortable clothing for both workouts and everyday life. Also think about popular sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, strength training and fitness. Keep an eye on the trends on the marketplaces.

Home Décor & Improvement

The home decor market is considered one of the fastest growing, with analysts predicting that by the end of 2027, the global market share could reach $838.6 billion. Home décor products typically include any items for decorating and furnishing the home. People are now actively buying goods to make their homes cozier and prettier, especially being constantly within four walls because of COVID-19.

Pet Products & Accessories

The market is projected to reach $23 billion by 2023. So if you need something that sells well but isn't overly complicated, pet products would be a great option. Not everyone has the time or finances to go shopping, but such products appeal to people who like to please their pets.

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Fashion & Jewelry

One of the most fashionable and profitable niches is clothing and accessories. Many people love to buy clothes, just look in any department store and you will see how they try to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. You can sell anything at all, from t-shirts and dresses to handbags and jewelry. The key is to choose a specific theme to define your brand and to have distinctive product offerings that set you apart from others.

Baby Care

Children's products are a vast category for which demand will never diminish. For example, on Amazon, baby products are one of the best-selling categories, especially unique goods that are in high demand. After all, every parent wants their child to look their best. In addition, many people buy other products if they think they are better quality or safer for their children.


People value the latest technology and items that will make their lives easier. So gadgets are a great opportunity for dropshippers. But unfortunately, you may come across low-quality electronics that no one wants, or low dropshipping profit margins.

Selling inexpensive electronics can be a good choice since you're not competing with the big companies. However, by selling high-quality electronics at a higher price, you can gain customer confidence and a foothold in some emerging markets.

Office Supplies

The stationery industry offers a range of products you can sell, from to-do lists, notebooks, and calculators to mugs and keyboards. Everyone buys stationery, whether it's high school or college students, entrepreneurs, or office workers, and they buy several items at once. Such goods are usually inexpensive, and customers don't expect super high quality from them. As the business grows, you can also sell school supplies and even office furniture.

Car Accessories

Most people own at least one car and spend part of their day using it for daily trips to work, store, or for travel. That's why car accessories are so popular. You can sell both stickers and smartphone mounts to personalize car as well as car parts. Especially when the auto parts industry is worth about $58 billion and growing steadily by 1.7% every year. Plus, you can expand the assortment by selling garage improvement products, for example.

Food & Beverages

Shopping for food and beverages online is gaining more consumer attention, especially during COVID-19. Reluctance and distrust have been overcome by quality offerings from merchants. While not all foods are suitable for dropshipping, there is a very large market for snacks and other non-perishable goods. Of course, for selling baked and prepared foods, dropshipping may not be the best choice. Instead, you can sell non-perishable products such as alcohol, like liquor, beer, wine or whiskey.

Best Product & Market Research Tools

Best Product & Market Research Tools

With millions of products online, finding them for sale can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, there are many analytical and research tools available to help narrow down your search for profitable products in order to speed up the process:

Google Trends

89% of people turn to Google when they need to find something. You can use this to your advantage by checking Google Trends. While Google's keyword planner gives you an estimate of how many keywords were found, Google Trends can show you when it was done, by whom and give you the highest number of search results over the past few years or months in that particular area. If your search query reaches a value of 100, that means it's at the peak of popularity. The lower the number, the less trending the search query is.

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon is one of the best marketplaces for e-commerce where you can find anything from baby goods and clothing to software and pet items. Here you can evaluate what products are on sale there. Amazon Best Sellers will help with product research, especially if you haven't decided on a dropshipping niche yet. You can select the product category you're interested in and see what products are currently popular in it.

Amazon displays the top 100 best-selling items for each category. You can choose a product you like, see how popular it is, look at ratings and reviews, and find yourself a reliable dropshipping supplier.

AliExpress Hot Products

AliExpress also has an analysis tool that displays trending items to show what's selling well, some historical sales growth figures, and activity. AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a free tool created by AliExpress to help sellers find the best products to sell and manage their stores more effectively. The tool has features like Hot Selling, Image Search, and Sponsored Items that you should check out.

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ScrapeIt offers full advanced web data scraping services for a variety of industries, including e-commerce data collection and has great capabilities that will facilitate business strategy development. Due to the fact that we were constantly getting requests to collect data from marketplaces and various stores, we created a dedicated service.  

SaleHoo Market Research Lab

SaleHoo Market Research Lab is an Amazon and eBay data research tool for products, suppliers and an online community for dropshippers, wholesalers and online retailers. It's a great place to find profitable products from certified low-cost suppliers. You can see sales trends, competition statistics and get ideas for the best dropshipping niches.


To find something good and useful on AliExpress, you have to try extra hard: the site is overflowing with cheap trinkets that often break down. This service collects trending products from AliExpress and provides categorization and filtering tools. Under each item, it shows how many users on the site have added it to their favorites and how many have ordered it.

Thieve has a handy Chrome extension and a Tinder-style mini-game. In the app, you simply see cards with items on the screen that you can swipe left and right.


Even though Pinterest is a social network, people usually use it for shopping inspiration and to create boards for upcoming projects. Pinterest stores a lot of useful data about what customers are looking for, which can be very useful for market research. On Pinterest, you can determine the level of interest in certain things, such as checking the volume of keyword searches in its listing creation tool.

eBay Trending

is one of the dominant players in the global online marketplace. This tool is great for finding trending products on its marketplace. eBay offers products in many categories, and each category has its own top-selling products. A better understanding of what the popular products are will help you increase your online sales.

Will Dropshipping Be Profitable in 2022?

The dropshipping business will still be popular in 2022 because it offers a bunch of advantages that other business models don't and is ideal for entrepreneurs who don't have a lot of capital but want to start their own online business. Dropshippers just change the way they operate over time. Now 22% to 33% of online stores have switched to a dropshipping model, which can bring in about 50% more profit compared to keeping your inventory.

The dropshipping industry itself was worth $149 billion in 2020 and Research & Markets predicts the global market will reach $591.77 billion in 2027. And as the industry continues to grow aggressively and become more competitive, there will be a rising demand for high-quality, eco-friendly products.

It's also critical to consider Shopify's overall revenue, as it's the most popular dropshipping platform used by online sellers. According to a Statista report, Shopify was dropshipping 1.9 million products in 2021. Q1 revenue was $989 million, up 110.35% from last year. In addition, Q3 revenue was $1.13 billion, up 46% from a year ago.

Another reason dropshipping is viable because of its scalability and profitability. This means you can add items to your store without worrying about inventory and you don't have to pay for products until they are sold.

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86 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

Below is a straightforward analysis with two graphs for each product request.

In the first graph, for ease of perception, we converted the number of search queries from Google Keyword Planner (indicated in blue) and the number of products added to stores (indicated in orange) to relative indicators, as in Google Trends, where 100 is the peak of popularity, and 0 is the lack of data.

The second graph shows the number of unique stores that have added a product to their range and their cumulative sum.

To view the interactive dashboards on desktops, follow this link. For smartphones, see the next link.

Posture Belt

The urge to maintain proper posture for good fitness has led to the development of special products. And working at home has made maintaining posture even more challenging than it used to be. Posture belts are one of the health products that have been in demand for the past five years, and it doesn't look like that trend is going away for a long time.



Still one of the best-selling toy products is slime. Take a look at YouTube, Instagram, or wherever. It's the one thing that has conquered the Internet. Slime is a toy product that offers 100 percent margin, which is what makes it a great product for dropshipping.


Led Lamp

Since millions of people are interested in saving energy, LED lights are the best tool for saving money and energy. In addition, the niche itself is also quite interesting, because you can sell both regular LED bulbs or ribbons and 3D lights.



Even though sunglasses are a seasonal product, there is a real boom in spring and summer. Sunglasses are characterized by good quality, low purchase price, high seasonal demand, and a wide range of products. People can buy several pairs of different sunglasses to diversify their closet and use them as image elements.


Calligraphy Pen

A calligraphy pen allows drawing a line with a beautiful change in thickness with one brush move. Calligraphy and lettering itself have also begun to gain momentum, especially if you look on social media and see how often there are videos on the subject and how many people do it.


Foldable Picnic Table

Another seasonal item: folding picnic tables, which become one of the best-selling items with the onset of summer. Plus, people are now looking for opportunities to escape quarantined reality and relax, and picnic tables offer amazing chances to enjoy the outdoors with loved ones.


Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets are well-known among parents looking for a product to teach children to write for preschool practice, as well as among amateur and professional artists. Demand for tablets is always decent, so dropshippers can easily maximize profits from drawing tablets and their accessories.



Tamagotchi is a virtual pet. Such toys were very popular in the 2000s and are still in demand today. If you are looking for a dropshipping business idea, try starting with a tamagotchi. It’s not only a great gift idea, but they are also incredibly cheap and top sellers on AliExpress.


Repair Tool Kit

Everyone can have something broken in their house, car, or anywhere. That's why you need handy home repair and cleaning kits. Repair tool kits are in high need worldwide, and if your store is focused on selling power tools, a repair tool kit is a way to go.


Hair Growth Oil

Essential oils for hair growth have been on the market for quite some time and are still selling very well today. For example, on AliExpress you can find various options for hair growth oils, such as coconut oil, flaxseed oil, soy-ginger oil, serums, hair growth sprays, and any other products for every taste.


Baby Monitor

Parents pay much attention to child-rearing and are well informed about technology. Selling baby monitors is a sure way to make money. It's not profitable, but will also make life easier for parents who raise children while working and doing other things in parallel. In the past, people didn't recognize the need for such devices. But now they exist and can be great gifts for children's holidays, Christmas, etc. for anyone who takes care of their babies.


Loose Jeans

Loose, straight, baggy, and asymmetrical jeans are now more popular and comfortable than skinny. Medium and high-waisted jeans were fashionable in 2020, 2021 and will remain in fashion for a long time to come, and the demand for them will only grow. Therefore, we can say that this product is one of the most popular items for dropshipping in 2022.



After lockdown, people switched to home workouts, so dumbbells and other fitness equipment have become very popular with online shoppers. Dumbbells can be removed and disassembled and are easy to carry and store, which is great for everyday life. They are suitable for all types of fitness equipment, so if you are in sports business and sell special equipment, be sure to include dumbbells in your sales list.

Ear Plugs

Earplugs are one of the life quality improvements that many of us need from time to time. They are also known to be easy to lose, which contributes to constant repeat purchases. You can buy them at a very low price and make a 100% markup on their sale as a wholesaler.

Magnetic Charging Cable

Magnetic charging cable is another great find this year. Magnetic cables can easily help users switch between USB C, D, and Thunderbolt types. This product has become popular for dropshipping just in the last year, and you can profit from its sales in 2022 as well.

Rice Cooker

Such appliances are gradually becoming as familiar in the kitchen as the blender or the electric kettle. The kitchen appliance niche has always been lucrative, even despite tangible competition. But given that not many stores sell rice cookers, such appliances can become your main and profitable commodity.

Moon Lamp

With the moon lamp, all space enthusiasts and those who just like to look at the moon can do it anytime, even sleep with it. Moon lamps are affordable and in high need, so it's one of the most popular items for sale this and next year. Last year, demand for moon lamps during the holiday season rose to an all-time high. The same is expected this year because of the novelty this product brings to users.

Portable Mini Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner is a seasonal product, so it sells very often in the summer. If you look closely at the chart, you will see that the demand for air conditioners reaches heights during the summer months. As a dropshipper, you can make a high profit on this product, especially if you sell it to countries with high temperatures, where this air conditioner will be a necessity and will become a saleable product.

Deshedding Pet Glove

Pets leave fur everywhere, making it difficult to clean. Pet fur removal gloves can reduce this phenomenon. These gloves did not exist a few years ago, but now they are one of the most sold products in many online stores, and you can easily sell them to pet lovers.

Wireless Charger

The wireless charger is an invention of 2016. It is the most convenient gadget for charging watches, smartphones, and even wireless headphones. This product can be interesting because of its ergonomic and beautiful design. However, since everyone is selling cheap Chinese devices, quality has become a real problem. The dropshipping niche is very profitable, but it pays to sell only quality products so as not to lose the trust of customers.

Temporary Tattoos

Those who love tattoos but don't want or can't get one yet, or maybe are still thinking about it, turn to realistic henna-like ink to express themselves. Temporary tattoos are now in high demand, as people see them as a better alternative to real ones. Therefore, you can open an online tattoo store and sell a huge range of different body designs.

Massage Gun

Most people all over the world face such a problem as muscle pain. So massage guns have become one of the best tools for treating tight muscles and accompanying joint pain. And with COVID-19, the demand for massage guns has increased tremendously as people worry about their health during isolation. Health and fitness have become one of the most profitable niches of dropshipping in 2021 and will be in 2022.

Podcast Microphone

Podcasts are the new preferred form of content for young people. They've been popular for a long time, and after quarantine and ClubHouse, they became even more famous as many of us looked for ways to entertain and interact with others. Podcast-related equipment has certainly attracted attention in the online marketplace, especially podcast microphones. Demand for microphones has increased in 2021, which means they are the preferred product in your dropshipping store.


Like many home decor items, rugs have become one of the best-selling items on the Internet during the pandemic. The more time people spend at home, the more they tend to decorate them and create a comfortable atmosphere. And given that home products can stay on trend for a long time, you can create a relevant brand and sell rugs along with other popular items to boost sales quickly.


Statista predicts that backpack sales will reach $22.5 billion in 2023. Backpacks for children, adults, schoolchildren, hikers in different shapes, colors, and sizes - you can choose the most appropriate segment and sell products for every taste. In addition to traditional online stores, Instagram and Facebook accounts show excellent sales results.

Ring Light

The ring light is a really cool and trendy product for photo and video shoots. The ring lamp offers many colors for photoshoots. This is just one of the many lamp variants, table ring lamps are also in great demand. Global trends show a huge increase in demand for ring lamps, which proves to be the most popular product for dropshipping in 2022.

iPhone Tripod

Mobile photography technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. When shooting with smartphones, stability is important, where tripods come to the rescue. They can be used for nature photos, as a trendy new studio piece of equipment, or simply as a way to make a FaceTime call without using hands. Smartphone tripods have been popular for years, and the numbers remain the highest month-to-month and will continue to be so in 2022.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to preserve it. Their uniqueness and eco-friendliness sets them apart, making them a good choice for dropshipping in 2022.

Sleep Gummies

Sleep gummies are widely available and usually sold without a prescription. This product not only promises better quality sleep, but also helps to get rid of lethargy and makes users more active. As more and more people need help falling asleep, this is a great solution for dropshipping.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have been around for a long time, but the last five years have seen an upward trend in sales and searches. The global market is expected to grow to $2163 million by the end of 2026. Electric toothbrushes are a good option for online selling, especially during the holidays.

Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep eye masks may not seem like the most advanced, but they are effective in providing good quality sleep. Darkness is soothing and helps us sleep better. Over the past few years, the number of queries for sleep masks has grown year after year on Google Trends. The trend toward masks will continue in 2022.

Air Fryer

If you're dropshipping kitchen products, air fryers are some of the best-selling items among cooks. An air fryer is a convection oven that uses air for frying without requiring the addition of oil. Demand for such products has increased significantly since people have become more health-conscious, and it requires much less oil to cook food in.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses reduce eye strain and prevent the sleep cycle disruption that could occur with digital devices. This product has suddenly gained popularity and is now one of the most popular dropshipping products. Google's trend charts show how quickly it reached the top of demand. This means that you have a great opportunity to profit from its sales.

Phone Case

Equipping a smartphone with a case for both aesthetic purposes and protection is becoming increasingly popular, making phone cases an extremely sought-after commodity for sale online. Therefore, along with the high volume of cell phone sales, manufacturers are releasing a wide range of phone cases every year. Take a look at the chart and see how phone cases have become famous over the past five years. They continue to be a consistently favored item for sale online.

Air Purifier

The need for air purifiers is growing amazingly fast in line with global trends. An air purifier is a device used to clean the ambient air by removing pollutants in a room. At first, it seemed to be a small niche product. However, its market size is expected to grow to $7.3 billion by 2025. You'll make quick and easy money selling air purifiers by dropshipping.

Face Roller

If you have a headache, want to massage your neck, face and eyes, or tighten your face, this roller is what you need. The beauty industry is constantly thriving and evolving, these rollers were popular a few years ago and are still going strong. The merchandise is perfect for selling on your dropshipping site in 2022.

Electric Kettle

Electric kettles have been around since the 19th century, and they are still in demand today. As more and more of us seek convenience and portability, electric kettles are becoming more popular. In the last couple of years, searches and sales of electric kettles have been on the rise and will continue to increase.

Oat Milk

Oat milk is a low-calorie alternative to normal milk, which is often sweetened and flavored. Such milk can be used as a drink or as a milk substitute in foods. The product is one of the recommended items for dropshipping.

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

In summer the sun dries the scalp, in fall and winter - the hat. It is possible and necessary to fight dandruff and anti-dandruff shampoo is definitely a solution for people with such problems. The global market for anti-dandruff shampoos will grow by more than 3% by 2025.

Dog Bed

Dog beds are portable and easier to clean than the floor or carpet. They provide maximum comfort for animals and can be laid on any surface. Over the past five years, interest in dog beds has grown and as rates remain steady, we expect huge sales of beds in the coming year as well.

Dog Toy

Pet owners want to keep their pets entertained, especially when away from home for a long time. To keep your dog from getting bored when he is alone, buy him special toys. They will not only help to occupy the pet during the absence of the owner, but also contribute to the physical and mental animal development. They can also be used in the process of active games in nature when walking the dog. In general, dropshipping pet products can be a great direction.

Blackout Curtains

These are thick opaque curtains for creating complete darkness in a room on a sunny day. They can create a certain atmosphere in a room for watching a movie or help those who want to get some sleep during the day. Interest in such blinds has been growing over the years, usually peaking in the summer.

Orthopedic Pillow

Orthopedic pillows provide good rest and correct posture during sleep, are recommended by doctors and widely used by people with orthopedic problems. Proper posture during sleep can reduce neck and back pain and prevent tension headaches.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is a moisturizing oil that is used to treat burns, moisturize the skin or protect against sun damage. The serum is also believed to help reduce wrinkles and blemishes. It has remained steadily popular for several years, and combined with the growing interest in skin health, serum will be a good product to sell.


Moisturizer is a light, fast-absorbing product that soothes the skin and restores its moisture balance. After application the skin feels healthier, well-groomed and smoother. This item is an integral part of many people's lives. That is why it is an excellent choice for dropshipping.

Bandage Bikini

Many people shop in anticipation of summer trips and vacations. A bandage bikini is a good and cheap product for relaxing at the beach or by the pool. Although these are seasonal items, the spring and summer seasons usually see an increase in demand for swimwear. Plus, swimwear is a best seller in the sports and entertainment category.

Bomber Jacket

With the onset of warm weather, people swap warm clothes for something lighter. This is where bomber jackets come in. Due to their style and jackets are a perfect substitute for heavy winter down jackets are worthy competition for leather suede jackets. Now in fashion bomber with a man's shoulder, leather models and sports options. You should consider adding some outerwear to your online store.

Wiper Blades

This product may seem strange. But everyone who has a car needs wiper blades. They remove excess moisture and dirt that fly off the road, from oncoming cars and cars in the opposite direction. Sometimes people can clean their own windows instead of going to a car wash, which makes wiper blades a good product for dropshipping.

Soap Dishes

With the great emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, soap dishes will still continue to be a necessary commodity in 2022. Plus, they're inexpensive to buy and have aesthetic refinements and can be made of all kinds of materials.


These mats usually create the first impression of your home or warmly greet you when you return home. The growth in their popularity over the last 5 years is evident. This can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are spending time at home and want to make their home more comfortable. Easy to ship and light in weight, they can be a very good product for dropshipping.


If you are interested in jewelry, you probably noticed how the popularity of pendants began to grow. They complete the look and make it more elegant and there is no season or time for them, they can be worn permanently. Pendants are a great product to sell online in 2022.

Thermos Flasks

A thermos is a place to store while maintaining a constant temperature. Such items can make life a lot easier when traveling, on the go, and even reduce your electric bill. It saves space and is more durable than the usual ceramic mug or plastic bottle. The thermos keeps in constant demand and is a great item to sell.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers have been part of public toilets for years and are now starting to appear in homes as well. Such dispensers are a great way to protect yourself from germs and take care of your health. Search queries peaked at the end of May 2020, and the number of queries is still consistently higher than in previous years. Soap dispensers are now some of the best products for dropshipping.

Tea Infusers

Everyone has different preferences for the strength of the drink: some like it stronger, some, on the contrary, tint the water with brew. In this case, a classic infusion is a perfect accessory. Tea is made right in the cup, and everyone controls the brewing time themselves. These unique products catch everyone's attention. So if you want to enter the home products niche, tea infusions are one of the best products for dropshipping 2022.

Anti Aging Cream

Everyone gets older and cares about how they look. The global anti-aging market is projected to exceed $330 billion in 2021. Also, Google Trends data on anti-aging creams show that interest is growing all the time. So if you're looking for business ideas in the personal care market and want guaranteed demand, sell anti-aging cream.


With awareness of the harms of smoking regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes are growing in popularity as a less harmful alternative. This industry is expected to reach $48 billion by 2023. Variety of these products is huge, so you have a lot of options for what you have to offer.


The tracksuit is a set of clothes consisting of pants and a sweatshirt or jacket with a zipper. These suits are a hybrid of sports and casual wear, they are loose, comfortable, and suitable for all seasons, both for morning jogging and evening walks. The fashion for tracksuits isn't going away, so you should find a place for them on your dropshipping list.


In recent times, there has been an increase in requests for oversize shirts designed to be worn over other shirts. That's why they are called overshirts, they are versatile. Shirts can be both formal and informal and are most popular in summer and fall, complementing a stylish look. Over time, interest in them has only increased, so we expect this trend to continue next year.

Yoga Mat

In times of the pandemic, the current situation has forced people to be more mindful of their health, and yoga has become an option to keep themselves fit. Yoga classes are unthinkable without a yoga mat, which are now a hot commodity for the dropshipper.

Yoga Leggings

These are great clothes for those who do fitness and sports. Usually leggings tear during heavy exercise, and this product will help you avoid that. Leggings are made of thin material and allow performing yoga poses without fear of exposing the skin. Such clothes are suitable not only for yoga, but also for the gym, running and just walking.


Conventional cigarettes have been sidelined, and safer electronic devices and vaporizers have taken their place. This means that you can safely enter this niche, because the demand for such devices is enormous. It is expected that already in 2023, the market of electronic vaporizers will reach $48 billion.

Facial Mask

In general, all cosmetic products sell fine, but the competition in the niche is quite high. Therefore, it is better to concentrate on one product, for example, masks. The trick to this product is the incredible variety of products. There are masks with clay, gold, charcoal, etc. and they are all very popular. It is also worth considering that such products are relatively inexpensive and sell well. By searching the market you can find products with a 90-100% sales rating.

Waterproof Bag

Waterproof backpacks are made of synthetic materials with waterproofing and are in great need among fans of tourism or nature lovers. Their popularity can be linked to backpacking and outdoor sports such as hiking, sailing, etc. They can also be taken by families for relaxing at the beach or poolside. If you specialize in outdoor-related products, waterproof bags will be just right.

Electric Massager

People are more self-care conscious, and electric massagers can help relieve chronic pain and rehabilitate after injuries. The market for electric massagers is expected to grow at about 6% per year until 2024. Online retailers are already successfully selling hand-held electric massagers now.


Matcha is powdered green tea leaves that are usually mixed with hot water. Its popularity stems from the trend toward health-conscious eating, which has led to a growing demand for organic tea. Matcha is well suited for e-commerce businesses that sell health or nutrition products.

Hiking Backpack

Lovers of hiking and everyone who wants to spend time in the fresh air engaged in tourism buy special equipment. That means finding a way to take that gear with them. Here hiking backpacks could be one of the top-selling items on dropshipping in 2022.

Minimalist Wallet

We’re turning away from cash and using either credit cards or payment apps for everyday transactions. Trying to move away from bulky wallets, we need a new version of classic but minimalistic purses. And that's exactly what you can offer them. There are a variety of minimalist wallets for sale in every color, size, and fabric - there are eco or genuine leather versions, fabric, and even wallets that serve as phone cases.

Portable Power Bank

A dead battery is a real nuisance, especially when mobile devices have a big impact on our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has a power bank, or at least not one that they can carry with them every day. That's why these products can be profitable for your store. One of the features of the product is that they are quite cheap and portable, so you can get the success you want.

Blind Spot Mirror

Blind spots in cars can cause an accident. Few vehicles have sensors or other technology to help drivers recognize vehicles in blind spots. This product provides an affordable way for drivers to expand their view of the side of their vehicle to avoid accidents, and it's a good product for you to sell online.

False Eyelashes

False eyelashes have been popular for years, and now this beauty trend continues to grow. It is becoming an indispensable item in most makeup looks, not only because of its practical value but also because of its easy application. Google Trends shows a growing number of searches for "false eyelashes."

Gaming Headset

The gaming market is expected to be worth more than $200 billion by 2023. And gaming requires a good headset. Gaming headsets are overhead headphones with a small hands-free microphone. This product is essential equipment in online games where verbal communication between teammates matters.

Bluetooth Speaker

The portable speaker is definitely a popular product, the interest in which will last for years to come. It may seem that the speaker market is oversaturated, but you can always find new models or start selling related products to the speaker, such as cases, bags, etc.

Smart Watch

Like fitness trackers, smartwatches have been gaining popularity in recent years. About 1.2 billion watches are sold worldwide each year. They are worn on the wrists of those who keep up with the development of technology. And the growing popularity of wearable technology will lead to smartwatches becoming an integral part of our lives. Over the next five years, global sales of wearable devices will grow to $29 billion in 2022. This means that smartwatches can be a good option for online selling.

Wooden Watch

Wooden watches are the opposite of smartwatches, which is a movement for environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and natural products. The global watch market is projected to grow by more than 4% by 2025. This product is cheap enough that you can expect the product to bring you a satisfactory income.

Teeth Whitening Kit

The cost of professional dental treatment and the popularity of personal care products have led to an increased interest in teeth whitening kits. The global market for teeth whitening products is projected to reach $7.4 billion by 2024, which would also be a good commodity for dropshipping.

USB Charging Dock

Interest in USB charging docks has been and continues to be high. And USB charging docks allow you to charge multiple USB devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, watch, etc. through a single outlet. The trend of product purchases is relatively dynamic, and it's also a great idea for a gift. As the holiday season approaches, this product is gaining sales, making it a great product for dropshipping.

Baby Carrier

Hip baby carriers are popular now because they are different from traditional strollers and bags. They are very comfortable for parents and don't strain them at all, being a safe way to carry their babies. It can be adjusted to many comfortable positions for the child throughout the day. The market for this product is significant and good for dropshipping now.

Security Camera

Home security is a priority for everyone. Outdoor cameras automatically track traffic outside so homeowners know exactly what's going on outside their home. Yes, and artificial intelligence devices are helping to keep customers highly secure. According to a WBOC report, the wireless camera market is set to grow in the coming years. That's why they will be a good option for dropshipping for 2022.

Sports Bra

Sports bras are no longer just clothes for working out at the gym and have been adapted to the multifaceted lifestyle of women. The hype and popularity around sports bras has led to major brands flooding the market. But if you want to get into dropshipping lingerie, you have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the skyrocketing popularity of sports bras.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic properties and is one of the most popular essential oils. It is believed to help with acne, bacterial and fungal infections, head lice and psoriasis. So if you can find a place to sell tea tree oil on the market, you'll be on top of it.

Tote Bag

People are actively seeking alternatives to plastic bags to protect the environment. And most countries ban plastic bags, which increases the demand for more environmentally friendly solutions. These tote bags have become a great replacement for disposable bags and an essential closet item for both women and men. Most tote bags are made of durable fabric or canvas, but the styles and designs are limitless, making them a good commodity for dropshipping.

Lip Mask

A lip mask may seem like a strange product, but nevertheless, people often seek it out for skin care. Lips are the most sensitive part of the human body, and a lip mask is great for keeping lips and skin moisturized.

Boho Clothing

This style has been on trend for some time, and it doesn't look like it's going to disappear anytime soon. Today the popularity of the so-called boho is not only connected with the era of globalization and cultural integration, but also with the current eco-evangelism, self-expression, creativity, and experimentation.

Flower Hanger

Now most people have plants in their homes. And this product is great for both those who want to add some coziness to their living space and gardening, and for dropshipping creating a profitable field.

Remote Control Drone

Drones have only grown in popularity in recent years. They are being used for video recording, photography, and research. And since drones are usually expensive, there is an opportunity to sell them to those who are looking for a quality drone but don't have a big budget to buy one of the well-known brands.

Fishing Hooks

Fishing enthusiasts are very passionate about their sport, and cheap hooks and fishing lures are an attractive and inexpensive alternative to more expensive options that will help you attract more customers.

Where to Find Dropshipping Suppliers?

Where to Find Dropshipping Suppliers?

Look for an affiliate with whom you can cooperate on existing dropship sites. For example, Aliexpress, AmazoneBayBazzilla. It is advisable to work with several suppliers, even those competing in the same niche. This way you secure yourself from suddenly running out of goods in stock, and do not let your customers down.

Carefully study the conditions of work: the actions of the dropshipper in the case of client refusal from the goods, how the replacement of defective products works, and so on. Pay attention to the following points:

  • how payment for orders is implemented, whether there are additional payments;
  • whether the supplier is a producer or another intermediary;
  • whether there is a possibility of branded packaging of deliveries, so that customers receive parcels on behalf of the online store;
  • what are the channels for communication with the manager, whether they will be suitable for prompt feedback;
  • whether there will be access to information about the rest of the goods, and how promptly they report delays in delivery;
  • how the supplier will deliver the products.

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Type "dropshipping suppliers" into a search engine and go through the results. There are special sites that make it easy to find dropshipping companies. We will list the top 10 suppliers for convenience:

  1. AliExpress
  2. SaleHoo
  3. Worldwide Brands
  4. Megagoods
  5. Doba
  6. Wholesale Central
  7. Wholesale2B
  8. Sunrise Wholesale
  9. Inventory Source
  10. National Dropshippers

To Sum Up

When launching an online store based on the dropshipping model, focus on finding good suppliers, in-demand items and attract customers. Choose items that not only offer a sustainable business model but are also profitable for customers.

  • Start brainstorming
  • Study customer preferences
  • Analyze market trends
  • Take cues from your competitors.
  • Study prices
  • Make a small list of products to try out
  • Gather feedback from your first customers

If you need to collect personalized data, please write to us at SrapeIt. We will help you identify growing trends in the market and find those products for which the demand is actively increasing. We'll be glad to collect any useful information you need.

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