How to Generate Business Leads Using Web Scraping

How to Generate Business Leads Using Web Scraping
Nov 30, 2021

Every company needs an outbound sales and marketing campaigns, where leads are essential because it is one of the key tasks for any business. And now there is a real boom of lead generation in the internet promotion market, with the demand for lead management services growing every day.

For some, advertising on social media or search engines like Google is the answer. But there are times when it won't work or you're not willing to shell out the amount of money needed to be successful.

This is where companies look for strategies to get the data of potential buyers, usually email addresses for online communication, and then reach out to them to market and close deals. You can either buy a ready-made database, the integrity of which can be questionable and usually quite expensive, or you create your own. Unfortunately, 61% of B2B marketers believe that generating high-quality leads is one of their biggest challenges.

Here's where lead web scraping for promotion and customer engagement would be the best option, because everyone wants targeted data based on something very industry-specific, such as specific review scores relevant to your niche.

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What is Lead Scraping?

What is Lead Scraping?

Every sale begins with a person who is interested in your product and ready to buy it. The concept of "lead" is quite common among experts and amateurs in the internet marketing field. This word refers to a customer who, anyway, has shown interest in the services or goods provided by the company. Such interest manifests itself in different ways, for example through a call, followed by a contact number for feedback, or by filling out a questionnaire on the website.

Lead generation is the gathering of information about the companies and people in your target audience that will generate revenue. Business leads are an important element of commercial success, and all the necessary information about potential buyers is found with lead scraping, whereby given keywords you can browse web pages in search of relevant leads. By the way, 91% of marketers say that generating new leads is their most important goal.

Lead scraping is a reliable way to get the right customer contacts to market your product, saves organizations time, and helps you better understand the audience you want to attract. Contacts include emails, phone numbers, or social media profiles. Collecting contacts allows you to customize your audience selection and specify where to look for potential customers. To effectively generate potential leads, you need to go through three basic steps:

  • Identify sources
  • Determine the method of data extraction
  • Cleanse and structure the collected data
Benefits of Lead Extraction

Benefits of Lead Extraction

In 2021, it is no longer enough to compose leads competently. Consumers refuse to accept even information that fits the subject matter and interests. In this case, it is worth fixing your skills on a systematic approach to the customer. The data needs to be analyzed for future use, it should have a defined place in the marketing pitch.

Major players like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM, are introducing artificial intelligence technology, which only confirms to us its importance and significance. This is especially true in the sales world, where AI opens up new levels of automation and accuracy. Just look at web scraping, which automates tasks, collects data faster, and gets deeper insights into prospects and customers.

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Target Audience Detection

Every company wants to be able to identify the most valuable customers in the market in its segment. And reaching that level requires the ability to constantly collect and analyze information, which can be an overwhelming burden on teams. On top of all that, you need to know what kinds of leads to look for. And to understand this, you have to first determine your target audience.

Here, you may scrape data to understand the consumer and audience characteristics that align with your organization's values and create an ideal customer profile (ICP). This will help identify the right source of data to further search for information about your target audience. You can start with places like:

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator, where you can build a small target list of businesses via filters
  • Google Maps or Google My Business, where you can find phone numbers and other information
  • Yellow Pages for finding business names, phone numbers, addresses, and websites

Once you know your target audience, it will be easier to find new customers because you can work with the values and characteristics of your existing customer base.

Track Industry Trends

In addition to knowing your own audience, you also need to be aware of your industry as a whole and your role in a particular market. Researching websites, social media, prices, and competitors' products will allow you to keep abreast of what you're up against. The point is to emphasize the uniqueness of your product or service. Without understanding certain industry standards, it's impossible to realize how your product is superior to others and it will be difficult to show off your originality to potential customers.

Using web scraping will help you understand your role in the industry as a whole. And learning about trends and tracking changes through data analysis is just as valuable as evaluating your organization.

Keeping CRM Up-to-Date

It's also important for a company to keep its CRM up to date, and fill it with accurate contact information and fresh customer data, as this kind of sales information can quickly become outdated. An updated CRM allows you to assess prospects and their potential and get quick access to all information.

Web scraping tools can help you update your CRM regularly, combat the effects of data obsolescence and prevent inaccurate data.

Automate Company Research

Companies need to stay on top of their target customers with regular company research, so sales team and marketing staff review articles, forums, social media, and scans every day to keep the company on track for business development. However, all the manual work artificial intelligence can automate.

Web scraping can be used to analyze any aspect of an organization, from product development to shipment. Every step of the production and sales process can be studied automatically and you can constantly get valuable insights on how to strengthen the company's weaknesses and focus on finding new potential customers. It will be easier for you to market your product because it will be accurately different from your competitors.

Why Lead Generation is Important for Brands?

Why Lead Generation is Important for Brands?

To survive in the marketplace, a company must constantly build strategies and attract leads to maintain its success. Even though there is a sales department that constantly interests potential customers, business development takes a lot of time and effort. It used to be that customers would contact salespeople themselves to find out more about the products or services they were interested in. But today, they prefer to do their research, read reviews, social media, and test a trial version of a product.

The reality is that companies need to implement robust lead generation processes. And if they do, it will be cost-effective and efficient to increase the customer base, because, without a strategy, the company won't be sure which people it should be targeting. Without this identity, most can have trouble generating new leads.

Therefore, quality data can help increase sales and ROI. If a company is targeting people who are not interested in buying, they will feel like they are being pushed to buy an unnecessary product and waste money. And lead generation data can help target exactly the right audience for the brand.

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Web scraping is good for B2B sales teams for the following reasons:

  • saves time on manual data entry because it automatically extracts large amounts of information
  • reduces costs, as manual data collection is not only time-consuming but also costly; 53% of companies spend half or more of their entire budget on lead generation, a cost that can be reduced with lead scraping
  • data accuracy, as web scraping risks the human errors associated with manually searching for information
  • easy to use, you don't need to be a developer to collect data from a website, you can use web scraping tools and services
  • you get fast access to a lot of data
  • allows you to effectively manage your data using a variety of tools and systems

By the way, many companies evaluate the performance of departments by the number of leads they attract, which seems to matter, but it's the potential opportunity that matters most. Lead generation with web scraping focuses specifically on the quality of leads with a clear intent to buy a particular product.

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How to get Qualified Leads Data and Find Clients in Any Industry?

How to get Qualified Leads Data and Find Clients in Any Industry?

And improving the quality of leads is the top priority for 68% of B2B professionals, only followed by increasing the number of leads (55%). But businesses, especially small businesses, are finding it increasingly difficult to acquire quality leads as companies become more competitive. And there's no single answer to what works best for every business. But the bottom line is that leads are important, especially qualified leads. Web scraping is an easy and fast way to extract web data to generate customers. Scrapers analyze and extract data according to preset parameters, then the data is downloaded and organized in an easy-to-read format. With this process, all the necessary lead data is collected in just a few minutes.

The first step in any lead generation process or campaign is to identify leads and what sources you will use. You need to understand who is your customer and who is not and where exactly on the Internet your target customer is located. This will help you identify sources for finding leads.

  • What do they do?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where can you find them?
  • What are their values?
  • What age category do they belong to?
  • What needs do they have about the problem your products solve?

Get Data for Lead Generation

Get complete access to our scraping service with no limits, and start generating leads today. We'll scrape the web for you and deliver the new data at lightning speed.

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  • Regular Data Delivery
  • Legal and GDPR compliance
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To successfully identify your customer base, you need data to answer all the questions you need to ask. Scraping will gather data from social media sites like TwitterLinkedInInstagram; Yellow Pages, Yelp directories; real estate portals like RealtorZillow; recruiting portals like Indeed, etc. You'll be able to discover your target market, assess industry trends and improve your sales process to meet customer needs and requirements. You can also choose any appropriate sources for scraping. Plus with lead data, you can track competitors, do market analysis, find out the latest trends, and more.

Indeed, with web scraping you can get qualified leads in any industry: medical, financial, legal, real estate, HR, retail, etc. If you work with startups, you can use scraping to get qualified leads from investors who will invest in the startup.

It should be noted that data collection must always be done ethically. If the data is not in the public domain, there is no need to collect it. To get the data you need, you will likely use either the purchase of lead generation software or write code to create a scraper bot and use it with proxies. The tools you choose will be very important. We advise you to turn to services that provide scraping services.

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Use the best aspects of lead generation strategies. Remember, you can never have too many clients. The key here is to strike a balance between quantity and quality. Do not try to collect as many contacts as possible - strive to collect more quality leads. Leads that can become customers in the future. Lead scraping is a completely transparent method, you will only benefit from it. Take into account all the advantages, and then it will become your universal tool for attracting hundreds or perhaps thousands of customers.

It is also necessary to take into account the current trends in computer technology, which allows businesses to expand their horizons and overcome boundaries. After all, lead generation is not the classic advertising standard, but a modern and popular means of promotion.

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