How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping on Shopify?

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping on Shopify?
Jul 22, 2022

Finding winning products to sell is quite a difficult process, especially if you are new to e-commerce. Nevertheless, it is the most important task for any dropshipping business.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is the dropshipping method. When you add the best high-demand items to your dropshipping store, the amount of profit will increase several times over.

So stop guessing which merchandise to sell in your dropshipping store. Instead, make smart, strategic choices. We created this article to help you figure out how to find the best winning dropshipping products for your store.

What Is a Winning Product?

Winning products are those that your target audience likes and which sells like hotcakes. Winning products give you the motivation to keep doing business, because you're unlikely to want to quit your dropshipping agents and give up your store once you start seeing rapid sales growth. There are different types of winning products:

  • Long-term winning items are products that are popular all the time.
  • Short-term winning items are products that experience a significant increase in popularity over a short period of time.
  • Seasonal winning items are products that are popular at certain periods of the year.

Of course, when evaluating the product's success, several factors must be considered, such as its sales, profitability, reviews, and how well it satisfies customers' needs. A product can be successful but not make a lot of profit because it is niche-oriented or because the cost of producing is too high. But we will talk about this a bit later.

It is also always worth remembering that any winning product may sooner or later become obsolete if something much better and more modern comes along. So you should constantly improve technology and develop new products to stay ahead of the rest.

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Why Are Winning Products a Good Opportunity For Your Online Store?

Products can be trending for a variety of reasons: because they have gone viral on social media, a product may have been released by a popular celebrity, or there is a large seasonal demand for them. Whatever the reasons for their popularity, a large number of people are looking for them online one way or another.

For example, before COVID-19, most of us didn't use medical facials and gloves. However, during the pandemic, absolutely everyone needed them to stay safe and comply with government regulations.

As a result, demand for gloves and masks skyrocketed and thousands of e-commerce retailers began selling these products.

Selling winning products would bring a number of benefits, including less competition and the ability to charge a higher price while remaining competitive.

How to Identify Winning Products?

In order to determine a winning product, you will need some defining characteristics that you should pay attention to first. Now let's look at some of them:

Winning Product Solves a Problem or a Pain Point

People are attracted to products that can make their lives easier. They see a product that solves a problem as a necessity.  It can be anything from a simple plastic sports water bottle to an airline-compliant pet travel bag.

If your product solves a consumer's problem, and not even a few people, but hundreds or thousands of people, that's a great indicator of a winning product. This makes it more likely that they will want and buy such goods.

Winning Product Has a Wow Factor

Did you know you only have 15 seconds to get your customers' attention?

That’s why winning products should pleasantly surprise potential customers. Think back to what contributed to the high sales of fidget spinners. Of course because they have the wow factor. As a result, most people became curious about how these gadgets work and wanted to buy one for themselves.

Similarly, if you can find a product that makes a huge number of consumers intrigued and encourages them to buy, you will have a winning product. 

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Winning Product Has No Advertising Restrictions

There's a good chance that most of your sales will be through advertising, especially if you're just starting out with your online store business.

After all, good promotion allows you to spark interest in potential customers and drive traffic to the store. However, some products, such as cigars or alcohol-related products, are sometimes subject to marketing restrictions.

So be sure to check what the marketing protocols are for winning products and that you're not selling products that you can't advertise on ad platforms.

For example, Google Ads or Facebook Ads specify such prohibitions in their terms and conditions. They do not allow ads for tobacco products, adult materials or facial masks.

Winning Product Has High Quality

If you want to get thousands of satisfied customers and gain a reputation as a successful store for the long term, you need to make sure that your products are not only winning, but also of high quality.

Selling substandard products will lead to breakdowns and customer complaints. When this happens, people will no longer want to make new purchases from your store.

Check the quality of the product before you sell it, make a test order, test it with your own hands to see how it looks and works. This way you can also check the delivery time of your supplier.

Winning Products Match Your Target Market

A product that is winning in one market may not be a winning product at all in your area and may not generate the desired revenue. Consumers' tastes and demands can change depending on weather conditions, territorial and demographic characteristics such as location, age, race, gender, religion, social and cultural norms.

Try to keep this in mind when collecting data on winning products. That way you will avoid copying ideas from other businesses and only sell goods that will bring customers to you.

Winning Product Is Not Easy to Find in Regular Retail Stores

Most successful dropshipping products are those that are usually very difficult to find in retail stores or are not found in stores at all. In general, 83% of consumers discover new brands online.

So you need to find dropshipping products that people can't buy in a regular department store. Those items need to be unique, appeal to customers, and yet be practical and meet their needs.

If you sell products that are readily available everywhere, the competition will be too stiff and you may not get particularly high sales. Also, high availability means that there is a prevailing market price and you may be limited in selling products within that price range.

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Winning Product Has a Good Profit Margin

A good profit margin ensures that you have the ability to spend money on product purchases, marketing, and other expenses, and still have a profit at the end.

When choosing a winning product, consider what price you would have to sell your product for to make a profit, and see how realistic that price is given the perceived value of the product.

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How to Find Winning Products?

To create a successful dropshipping store, you need to know one thing: almost every online store has a list of winning products. This is very convenient both for customers who want to see the best goods and for other online stores to see the bestseller lists. The problem is that aspiring entrepreneurs don't use this tool enough.

There are many online stores that sell the same product. But that doesn't mean you can't succeed by selling the products you already have. With the right product selection and research of your competitors, you can successfully sell even the most popular items.

To do this, you need to conduct a little product research by using different tools, services or web scraping. Once you have a list of popular products, see if they match the winning product qualities we talked about earlier.

So where can you find winning products? Here are the places where you can easily find them:

Google Trends

Google knows what people want and you can use that to your advantage. Google Trends is a popular tool to find out if a product is rising or falling in popularity. After you enter your phrase into the search bar, Google will display its data, combining the total number of search queries from different geographic regions over a certain period.

What Does Google Trends Data Mean?

As a universal search tool, Google Trends is designed to reflect people's daily searches on Google. If your search query reaches the value of 100, it means that it is at the peak of popularity. The lower the number, the less trendy the search query is. If you get a value of 0, it means that there is not enough data for that term.

This tool shows graphs and data charts so you can compare trends over a selected time period and Google Trends searches by region. With this tool, you can see which part of the world your potential customers are most interested in your products.

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Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon could be called the Google of the e-commerce world. According to Insider intelligence, Amazon controls nearly 40% of U.S. e-commerce, so you should always look to this platform for product trends first.

Amazon Best Sellers should be added to your bookmarks and refer to it every time you research products. Here, lists of top-selling and winning products are updated every hour, so you can be sure to stay current on trending products and focus on the right metrics.

Explore the Different Categories

Amazon's Best Sellers page has categories for just about everything that exists.

Amazon returns the top 100 best-selling products in the requested category. You'll just have to pick the products you like best and find the best vendors for your store.

eBay Watch Count

Compared to Amazon, eBay doesn't look that big. Nevertheless, it ranks 3rd among the 10 largest e-commerce retailers in the U.S. in 2020.

eBay also has a tool to check which items are currently the most popular on the platform. It's called Watch Count.

eBay Watch Count is a tool to help you see which items are most popular on eBay and determine which products should be sold on your site. The platform constantly tracks users who add items to its lists and reports real-time results for different regions.

How Watch Count can help:

  • Search for items by keyword. You can search for a keyword related to your store or niche. Or you can expand keywords to find the best sellers in your niche. 
  • Researching trends by category.
  • The "What's Hot on eBay?" tab displays many different items that are currently trending among eBay users. Obviously, the best products for your store are the ones with the most hits. 

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Wish is another e-commerce platform with very active reviews and a ratings section that can help explore popular products. Wish is advertised all the time, so a lot of people know this site.

Of course, it's a little harder to find the same best sellers on Wish, but many of their most winning products are common.

One of the interesting things about this platform is that most of the products are designed for impulse purchases. These products are great for marketing on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

As you browse through bestseller lists, keep an eye out for impulse buy merchandise. Some brands for impulse buying products are:

  • colorful or visually stand out in the product list;
  • evoke an emotional response;
  • have an interesting design or style that is different.


Scrapeit is a service for automatic data collection from the Internet. Scrapeit offers fully advanced features for different industries and has a wide range of possibilities. Therefore, it can be used for scraping data on ecommerce in general, as well as for searching for winning products from competitors, on marketplaces and on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The AliExpress dropshipping center is a stand-alone site that lists all the products from Ali that can be shipped via the dropshipping system. It was created for two purposes:

  • searching for winning products;
  • analyzing the popularity of products.

This is a great option for finding winning products and analyzing them. A huge plus is that today you can integrate this tool into your Shopify store using the AliDropship app. In this case, the dropship center will automatically process your orders and import any products from Ali directly to your site.

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Oberlo provides access to products that can be found on AliExpress. The platform has a lot of data about which products are selling well and how many times a product has been imported to Oberlo dropshipping stores. You can also see the most popular products in the last month or six months. This means that you can check whether the product in question is a current trend, a dying one, or an ongoing success.

What's more, you can see many different metrics for each product. For example, see how many times the product has been imported, how many page views, how many orders, how customers rate the product by looking at their comments about the flaws.

Facebook Search Bar

To check for winning products on Facebook, simply go to the site and enter one of the keywords in the search bar, such as search by product name. You'll be able to see if other people are selling that product, and if so, what ads they're posting.

You can also choose to show only videos or a specific month and year in which the posts should be published. If there's something specific to your market or industry out there, take note, because they're sure to sell out fast because people will know about the deal before anyone else.  

Best Products YouTube Videos

YouTube is another great method of product research. Basically when you go to YouTube, you can find videos like the top 10 AliExpress 2022 products, the top 10 Amazon 2022 products, the top 10 home products 2022 and so on.

This kind of search will definitely give you tons of YouTube videos with guides and lists of the most winning products currently on sale on AliExpress, Shopify, Amazon or Wish. Check out the comments to see if people really like a particular product on the list and if it will be in demand among your audience.


Pinterest is a social media platform where users can pin and share images, videos and image collections with everyone. Pinterest has over 200 million active users.

To start selling winning products for your niche - see what people are already using and buying on Pinterest. Just like finding a winning product on Facebook, you can scroll through the Pinterest news feed looking for interesting postings that get as many comments as possible.

There are many niches to follow and use on Pinterest: interior and exterior finishes, fashionable clothing, innovative products, cleaning products, kitchen or gardening products and more.

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Look at Your Competitors to Find Winning Products

Most of your competitors already have bestseller lists in their stores. Check them out. Even if you can't find the same things they offer, you can still find patterns in the best-selling items and get ideas.

For example, you want to open a fashion store. Then you should look for current trends by visiting popular fast fashion stores such as Zara, Bershka, H&M and others. The most important thing here is to find successful online stores operating in your niche and try to take the best of what they do.

Monitoring High-impact Ads

Here's another obvious way to find winning merchandise: by monitoring ads. Good ads that target and attract the right audience will be able to convince customers to buy the product now before they go looking for it.

Watch for ads on search engines and social media like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also use a tool like FB Search to find ads in your high-engagement niche. You may have to go through different keywords to find them. That way you'll find posts with high engagement - since, for the most part, advertisers turn their existing posts into ads.

Final Thoughts

When looking for winning products, don't forget to pay attention to quality, delivery time, materials, and most importantly, sales trends of those products. Do a little research on the leading dropshipping niches, and find out what your competitors are selling. Use tools and services to research products.

Of course there's a chance you'll be selling the same products as other dropshippers in your niche. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. On the contrary, it proves that you've hit the right spot and found products that sell really well.

If you have any questions about how you can find dropshipping products using scraping tools, contact us. We would be happy to help!

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