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Use web data as a winning key

Regardless of who you are or what industry you're in, we get data from the World Wide Web at every scale, providing significant business value. Here are examples of uses in several of the industries we serve.

E-Commerce & Retail

  • Monitoring prices, inventory, performance, best sellers, etc.
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Tracking reviews, brand awareness and reputation
  • Enriching product attributes by collecting codes, specifications, images, etc.
  • Analyze sentiment and brand attachment
  • Track minimum advertised price (MAP) violations

Housing & Real Estate

  • Automated price monitoring
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Gathering information on real estate sales, agents, brokers, homes, apartments, mortgages, real estate deals, MLS
  • Capturing images and descriptions to update online listings
  • Customer sentiment monitoring
  • Market analysis

Sales & Marketing

  • Lead generation and market research
  • Searching for addresses, phone numbers, emails and other information
  • Feedback and brand reputation monitoring
  • Competitive research, market analysis, trends, etc.
  • Catalog expansion through hashtags and social media trends
  • SEO & Content marketing

Finance & Stocks

  • Collecting market data for stock market research
  • Data on global financial markets, stock markets, trading, commodity and economic indicators
  • Sentiment analysis through news articles, blogs, social media and discussion forums
  • Gathering data from SEC filings, financial reports, etc.
  • Alternative web data

Jobs & Staffing Agencies

  • Analyzing market demand by monitoring job boards
  • Generating leads through job postings
  • Researching the most in-demand skills, best places to work, salaries, etc.
  • Search for candidates for your company
  • Keeping track of who your competitors are hiring and what job ads are posting

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

  • Training AI/ML models from a variety of healthcare information sources
  • Gathering information about new drugs, treatments, vaccines, etc.
  • Gathering data for healthcare applications, sales information, etc.
  • Assist in the development of new drugs through data analysis
How it works

Get a customized web scraping solution

We've created an efficient and structured web scraping service for data-driven organizations that need it in the first place

Project Consulting

We discuss with you the specifics of your data needs and KPIs and propose a cost-effective solution according to your budget.

Custom Web Crawlers

After consultation, we set up the crawlers according to the negotiated specifications and extract a sample dataset for review before moving on to full-scale checkout.

Collecting Web Data

After you approve the data sample, we start the project and proceed with the full scraping. We’ll then provide the data within agreed upon timeframe.

Follow-up Maintenance

Our team will manage the project and ensure that all subsequent launches are successful and without interruption. We provide accountability to you and receive feedback.

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ScrapeIt Advantage

Our web scraping solutions are simple and affordable

Our premium services meet all your web data needs. You tell us what data you need to collect and how often. We set up and schedule scraping in our cloud, track them 24x7 and provide the datain any format convenient for you.

Faster Time-to-Market

Get all your important data in days, not weeks. We set up scraping without the use of custom code.


We perform work in the shortest time possible with the highest quality standards up to 80% cheaper than local solutions due to scalability.


Easily retrieve data at any scale from hundreds of millions of pages, even processing complex sites. Handle dynamic websites with ease.


No need to figure out scraping by yourself and constantly investing in operations to ensure your ongoing web data needs are met. We'll do it for you.


We create and manage customized web data extraction solutions for your business needs, always delivering data in time.

Data Quality

Our complete and high-quality data sets bring success for companies in a variety of industries. We never neglect completeness and reliability of information.